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As service-oriented organizations around the world mark this year’s Customer Service Week, First City Monument Bank Plc (FCMB) has announced it is using this opportunity to appreciate the patronage and relationship it has shared with its esteemed customers over the years.

Customer Service Week is a period in the month of October when Customers are celebrated and appreciated by organizations over a particular week. It is also a time to raise awareness on Customer Service and the vital role it plays in an organization and honor the people who support and serve these customers.

The FCMB Group Managing Director Ladi Balogun continues to emphasize ” the goal of the bank is to be No 1 in the hearts and minds of our Customers; and being a world class organization, we are joining other global organizations in the celebration of our esteemed Customers”

The objective, Ladi said, is “to celebrate and appreciate our esteemed customers for their patronage, recognize their loyalty and focus on their feedback so that we can improve our level of service and customer intimacy”

The bank has announced Monday, October 25 to Friday, October 29, 2010 as the FCMB Customer Service Week, themed ‘Customer First’.

This theme the bank says buttress its focus on three main points: “re-emphasize our Customer First strategy, re-affirm our commitment to building a long lasting relationship which supports their businesses and provide true memorable customer experiences”

During the week, the bank would be appreciating its customers nationwide, organizing Customer Forum to connect with them and more importantly obtain feedback on how they can be better served. It will also be an opportunity to renew its commitment to continually deliver on its Customer First strategy which forms the basis of the partnership.